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punk chucks, converse - chucks, chucks
Character: Luna Lovegood
What: Girl with the Radish Earring
Medium: Watercolour. Rough.
Category: Fanart, rough
Rating: G
Notes: Based on Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring. I've not done watercolour in years (at least two, more like three, I think). But I thought y'all might enjoy. I mean, she really does remind me of Luna... Pay no attention to the background; I ran out of black as I was finishing it, so the lines look all off. I'll fix it, I promise.

the Girl with the Raddish EarringCollapse )
29th-Jun-2006 07:07 pm - Fanart - Fred and George NOOGIE
punk chucks, converse - chucks, chucks
Who: Fred and George Weasley
What: Fanart
Rating: G - for good, clean fun.
Notes: Quite possibly the worst colouring job I've ever done, but my wacom tablet suddenly died and so I was left colouring by mouse - a very tedious task. -_- In any case, it's done. I hate hate hate the shading job here, but I really couldn't look at it anymore. For emiime, who angsted about the lack of canon!Weasleys in fanart. So lo and behold, I could not resist that kind of challenge and have brought forth...

noogie!Collapse )
24th-Jun-2006 02:04 am - Fandom Land
punk chucks, converse - chucks, chucks
Behind the cut, what happens when I start contemplating the fandom and what a map of this place would look like.

Come to Fandom LandCollapse )
16th-Jun-2006 09:12 pm - Ficlet: There's Always Tea
mythic - clutching
Who: Draco, Harry
What: There's Always Tea
When: after HBP
Rating: PG
Word Count: 581
Author's Notes: Just a quick one-shot I did for a friend who asked for Harry/Draco, comfort. Not beta'ed.

There's Always TeaCollapse )
4th-Jun-2006 05:00 pm - icons
england - lie back and think of England
Quicky update, variations on a theme.

[20] Hermione Granger
[4] Dumbledore


You know how these work:
1. Blanks are not bases. Please do not modify without asking.
2. Don't hotlink, please.
3. Comment here and credit in the keywords! (freckles42)
4. Don't see what you want? Make a request!

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17th-May-2006 12:41 pm - icons
punk chucks, converse - chucks, chucks
[4] L-Word
[8] Paris
[55] Mythic (Buddha, Avaloketeshvera, Sarasvati, etc.)
[20] mixed Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan
[12] animated V for Vendetta
[1] WWW - Tonne Tongue Toffee

Played-by icons:
[5] Will Estes with red hair - recommended for an older Weasley
[5] Prince Harry - recommended for Ron

[110] moments of insanity. *collapses*


33. 51. 97.

go on. click. you know you want to.Collapse )

So, here are the rules:

1. Take, share, love.
2. Comment if you take, share, or love.
3. Credit!
4. Hotlinkers will be shot.
5. ASK BEFORE MODIFYING TEXTLESS ICONS; they are not necessarily bases.

If you want me to alter an icon, or make it special for you, just comment with the number, tell me what you want done, and I'll do my best to meet your request.

Thank you, my lovelies!
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12th-May-2006 09:31 am - Escape!
punk chucks, converse - chucks, chucks
Who: Lucius Malfoy
What: Escape from Azkaban!
Rating: G
Notes: This piece is based on one of the opening articles mentioned in sam_storyteller's amazing fanfic, Laocoon's Children, year three, chapter one. (If you're looking for an amazing story, I highly recommend checking it out - and the rest of Sam's work.) I thought it would be interesting to do an animated gif to try to capture the idea of a moving, wizard-style photo. This is a sketch, and only a sketch, and my first attempt at animating my own work. Without giving too much of the story away, we'll just put it out there that at some point, Lucius Malfoy goes to Azkaban and then later escapes.
Category: Animated fansketch

Escape!Collapse )
30th-Apr-2006 09:09 am - drabble: the REAL boy-who-lived
punk chucks, converse - chucks, chucks
Title: Who Is Really the Boy-Who-Lived?
House: Ravenclaw
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, Neville Longbottom
Author's Notes: My own version on How It Will All End.


His wand had been destroyed. Long, lithe fingers wrapped around his neck, an inhuman strength fueling their crushing power. He thrashed uselessly against the Dark Lord; he had not expected him to do the deed Muggle-style.

"Neville," Harry gasped, eyes rolling back and sideways, seeking out his friend, who stood, frozen, in the midst of a pile of the corpses of their classmates. Ron, Ginny, Hermione... all were dead except the two of them.

"Neville," Harry struggled, fingers clawing at Voldemort's. "Do it! Destroy the final Horcrux!"

Arm trembling, Neville Longbottom raised his wand.

"Avada Kedavra."

Two flashes of light.
27th-Apr-2006 06:43 pm - icon post
punk chucks, converse - chucks, chucks
Oh noes, ICONS.

[2] Tom Riddle
[2] AK'ed
[2] Ouroboros
[38] Thora Birch

5. 10. 39.

icon table liek woahhhhhCollapse )

So, here are the rules:

1. Take, share, love.
2. Comment if you take, share, or love.
3. Credit!
4. Hotlinkers will be shot.
5. Feel free to use 007-043 as bases. The first six are finals and may not be used.
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20th-Apr-2006 11:16 pm - Ficlet: Hem, Hem
punk chucks, converse - chucks, chucks
Who: Fudge, Umbridge
Prompt by: upstart_crow
Rating: PG
Word Count: 438
Notes: Wow, well, I asked for a challenge. I got one. *grins* Warning: This fic has not been beta'd.

Hem, Hem.Collapse )
15th-Apr-2006 06:06 pm - oc_art100 prompt table
hp - sbp sorry about smudge
This is for oc_art100
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character: 'Eve Deschamps
Much in the same vein as my Aragorn work for fanart100. Ratings on the fanart will vary, but range from G up to NC-17. This table is mostly for my own reference, though I hope others will peruse and enjoy.

oc_art100 prompt tableCollapse )
13th-Apr-2006 08:31 pm - Fic - Fractured
punk chucks, converse - chucks, chucks
Characters: Remus, Sirius, and some Tonks. Pairings: RL/SB
Prompt: from sarie_gamgee Let's see... doesn't have to be smut, but I'd like to read Tonks finding out about Remus/Sirius. Set during OotP.*evil grin*
Word Count: 1881
Rating: PG-13? (Gah, I'm so bad with ratings. There's implied touching, homosexual relationships, but nothing explicit).
Notes: This one was surprisingly hard to write, considering how much I love Remus/Sirius. I was about to scrap it, when I made a comment to a friend that ended up being worked into the opening line, thus starting me anew and letting the story happen. Sorry it's been so long since the last fic... I needed to recover!

FracturedCollapse )
8th-Apr-2006 08:34 am - ficlet: Packing without House-Elves
punk chucks, converse - chucks, chucks
Who: Draco, Harry
What: Packing Without House-Elves
When: Sometime after the battle, when things are still settling down.
Where: Draco and Harry's manor.
Word count: 617
Rating: PG-13 (for mild language and brief homosexual moments)
Notes: Originally written in a challenge for lagreyeyes, who was packing (haha, or not, considering!) and needed a little H/D distraction. I then went back and expanded it a little bit, but it's more or less intact.

Packing Without House-ElvesCollapse )
2nd-Apr-2006 04:43 pm - Fanart - Ron and Eris
pre-raph guinevere on horse
Who: Ron Weasley and Eris Duchamp
What: Dancing at the Masquerade
When: Hallowe'en, 1997 (Ron's seventh year, Eris's sixth)
Where: The Great Hall at Hogwarts, but lazy background on this one
Category: Fanart
Notes: Again, Eris belongs to davros42, blah blah you know the drill. It's a masquerade, and Ron has gone as Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice (Hermione as Elizabeth Bennett), and Eris has dyed her hair red and gone as an angel. Ron accidentally knocked Eris over and, to make up for his clumsiness, offered to dance with her. She agreed, and they had a few nice minutes together before Hermione noticed them and (rightfully) threw a fit. The moment I've chosen to capture is one of the few where they are both moving gracefully. Ron really likes his top hat. Eris likes how big I drew her boobs (even though I cut them down a lot).

Speaking of red hair, I see you've joined the redhead clubCollapse )
28th-Mar-2006 10:33 pm - fansketch - Alex McDouglas
billy - kilt
Who: Alex McDouglas
What: Oh noes! Another gender switch! (from the same gender-switch day as Ron)
Notes: Alex is another OC by davros42 for an online RPG. Any usage requires both his and my permission, etc. Alex looks pissed.. probably because he does not want to be a woman, let alone in the outfit I picked. *grins evilly*
Category: Fansketch.

ready for a pissed off scottish lass?Collapse )
28th-Mar-2006 10:27 pm - fansketch - Tom Riddle
punk chucks, converse - chucks, chucks
Who: Tom Riddle
What: Patriotic zeal!
When: Who knows? But it's Diary!Tom...
Category: Fansketch
Notes: Done as a request for our RPG.
[21.35.24] me: and did tom still want his portrait? and any particular look he'd be going for?
[21.35.45] D : Tom: Handsome and dashing with just a hint of barely restrained eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil
[21.35.53] me: but of course!

all he's missing is the union jackCollapse )
28th-Mar-2006 06:11 pm - fansketch - Eris Duchamp
sexy - wrists
Who: Eris Duchamp
What: the human knot
Category: fansketch

Notes: OC (Original Character) by davros42 for an online RPG. Eris is the embodiment of chaos... a mischief maker who has gone rogue. Eris is most noted for her green hair and mismatched gold and silver eyes. Character is Dev's property. Art is mine. You need both of our permission to use this work. Thanks! :)
Warning: No explicit nudity, but she's definitely not wearing any clothes.

accio sketch!Collapse )
27th-Mar-2006 09:38 am - fansketch - Draco/Harry
punk chucks, converse - chucks, chucks
Who: Draco, Harry
What: Doing the dirty, but we can't see it... sometimes suggestion is more powerful.
When: Sometime after Draco gets his mark.
Where: in a bed. Probably Harry's.
Rating: Implied R. Actual image is maybe PG. So we'll give it an average score of PG-13.
Category: Fansketch. And a present for lagreyeyes, which means no copying without asking both her and my permission.

your dirty little secretCollapse )
27th-Mar-2006 09:34 am - Fansketch - Ron Weasley
mst3k - speeds of three
Who: Ronald Weasley
WTF?: In a dress. As a girl. ... Don't ask.
Notes: The legs are off, I know this. Still...
Category: Fansketch - that means it's a rough!

Fifties are IN!Collapse )
19th-Mar-2006 07:40 pm - Fic - Sirius/Severus
punk chucks, converse - chucks, chucks
Characters: Sirius, Severus (and a dash of Remus)
Challenge: not non-con
Prompt word: taste
Word count: 1182
Suggested by: jagienka
Rating: NC-17
Author's notes: I'm not locking this post... but do note the rating.

I would never dare to keep such pleasures from youCollapse )
19th-Mar-2006 02:24 am - Harry/Hermione - Ink stains
hp - hitting the books
Characters: Harry, Hermione... and a dash of the rest of Gryffindor
Challenge: Harry/Hermione, non-stereotypic fic, so no dead Ron, no asshole Ron, and no Hermione is with Ron because she pities the poor boy for loving her, but she REALLY loves Harry (woe! Angst!). Let's make it 6th year, can be non-canon (obviously).
Prompt word:paper bag
Word count: 1563
Suggested by: bad_influence
Rating: PG
Author's notes: this is the bastard fic of doom story that's been eating my brain the past week. OH MY GOD I can't believe I finished it. It was going to be much longer and more complicated... Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Feedback is appreciated, as always.

She smelled, inexplicably, of vanilla and dragon's blood.Collapse )
14th-Mar-2006 11:46 pm - Fic - slipping away
punk chucks, converse - chucks, chucks
Who: Ginny, Tom (Riddle)
Challenge: Dark, not non-con, Ginny's sixth year or beyond.
Prompt word: "mind"
Word count: 1300
Rating: PG-13 (suggestive language)
Suggested by: spiritedrinoa
Notes: Am currently overhauling the story to make it less emo-licious. For now, this version stays up. ~efg 13.07.06

It's happening...Collapse )
12th-Mar-2006 11:00 am - Ficlet - A Birthday Gift
sexy - wrists
Title: A birthday gift
Characters: Remus, Sirius
Prompt: Birthday
Rating: R
Word Count: 303
Suggested by: sarie_gamgee

A birthday giftCollapse )
12th-Mar-2006 10:57 am - Ficlet - Twitch, Twitch
punk chucks, converse - chucks, chucks
Title: Twitch, twitch
Characters: Peter Pettigrew, ROUS
Prompt: Whiskers
Rating: G
Word Count: 197
Suggested by: bad_influence

twitch, twitchCollapse )
12th-Mar-2006 10:56 am - Ficlet - Life Lessons
hp - sbp friendship scars
Title: Life Lessons
Characters: Luna/Hermione
Prompt: Lessons (not school)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 430
Suggested by: sirius_trouble

Life LessonsCollapse )
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