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draw down the moon
and hold your palm against it
Fic - Sirius/Severus 
19th-Mar-2006 07:40 pm
punk chucks, converse - chucks, chucks
Characters: Sirius, Severus (and a dash of Remus)
Challenge: not non-con
Prompt word: taste
Word count: 1182
Suggested by: jagienka
Rating: NC-17
Author's notes: I'm not locking this post... but do note the rating.

“I’m going to bed,” Remus said to Sirius, standing as though his joints were tense and aching. He carried his teacup over to the sink, spoon clinking in the oppressive silence of Grimmauld Place. Ever the diligent houseguest, he cleaned it out and returned it to its proper spot, then glanced back over at the haggard-looking man he called his friend.

Sirius glanced up and managed a wan smile, nodding a little. “Good night, then, Remus,” he murmured politely, hands wrapped around his own cup, which was filled with now-cold, untouched tea.

Remus hesitated by the doorway. “You should get some sleep soon,” he suggested quietly. “Full moon’s in three days and…” He trailed off, looking embarrassed.

“And you’ll need Padfoot, I know,” Sirius said, his long hair still hanging in his face. “I’ll be rested up for you, my old friend, I promise.”

Remus nodded and straightened his sweater vest. “Thanks,” he said, picking up a candle to carry with him up the stairs.

Sirius listened to Remus’ retreating footsteps and, once he heard the door close quietly, counted to five hundred before standing up. He left the tea on the table and went to the sink and started to clean up the rest of the dishes from the day. He glanced over at the fireplace every few seconds, mentally thanking Dumbledore for the Floo Network hookup. Several minutes later, a popping and rustling noise announced someone’s arrival. Green flames shot out of the fireplace and with a completely undignified whumph!, Severus Snape slid out, bringing a flow of ash and soot with him.

“You could clean your Floo a little more often,” Severus said dryly, standing and spelling away the grey mess on his clothes.

“What, and deny you the opportunity to nit pick at me like my mother? I would never dare to keep such pleasures from you.” His grey eyes sparkled with a light that belied the harsh tone of his words.

Severus drew out his wand and stepped towards Sirius menacingly, pushing the tip against the fugitive’s chest. “And what other kind of pleasures would you not dare to keep from me?” he asked tightly, eyes narrowed.

Sirius hissed in a breath. “Why don’t you find out?” he asked, licking his lips a little.

“I grow weary of these games,” Severus snapped, pressing the wand under Sirius’ jaw, lifting his face up. “Do you sit here, all day, useless, coming up with new ways to annoy me?”

Sirius’ lip twitched. “No,” he said huskily. “I sit here, all day, coming up with new ways to fuck you.”

Severus sneered and pushed up Sirius’ shirt with his free hand, then pushed it down into his trousers. “Already hard,” he admonished, fingers covering Sirius. “You Gryffindors are so predicable… always randy, always ready for a go.” Sirius gasped a little, then let out a whimper when Severus released him. “Pathetic.” The potions master stepped away, wand still pointed at Sirius. He glanced at the doorway leading to the foyer. “Is your half-breed asleep?” he asked, then cast a locking charm on the door.

Sirius nodded, still aching from Snape’s brief touch. “Remus,” he said deliberately, “went to bed about ten minutes ago… and Kreacher’s been locked in his cupboard since dinner.”

“Hmph,” Severus said, which was the closest he’d come to giving his approval for anything. He tucked his wand up his sleeve and watched Sirius, waiting.

Sirius stepped towards Severus and began to unbutton his own shirt, revealing a too-thin chest and the outline of every rib. The potions master waited patiently, watching Sirius critically.

He let his shirt fall away, and he stepped in closer to Severus, whose lip was curling in a strange mixture of feral desire, love of control over what used to be his ultimate enemy, and the steadfast need of a man who has had too little love or physical affection in his life.

Sirius fell to his knees in front of Snape and looked up at his former classmate, hands running up his legs, along the fastidiously clean robes. He ran his palm over the front of the robes, then slid them between the split fabric of the waistcoat and over the flies of Severus’ trousers. With a knowing smirk, Sirius quickly undid the buttons securing the garment, freeing the Slytherin from his confines. An approving intake of breath was all that the convict needed in the way of encouragement.

Sirius covered the end of Snape’s half-hard cock with his mouth, hand wrapping around the rest and coaxing him to complete hardness. Long, thin fingers found their way into Sirius’ hair, gripping tightly. Right on schedule, Sirius thought, then growled disapprovingly around Severus’ cock like he always did, drawing his teeth lightly across the sensitive skin. Severus responded with a growl of his own and tightened his grip on Sirius’ scalp. Every encounter was like this… this power play, going back and forth, seeing who was really in control.

Sirius pressed his tongue against the slit of Severus’ cock and sucked all the harder, almost hard enough to break blood vessels and leave a bruise. Severus responded by groaning loudly – much to his own annoyance – and attempting to thrust farther into Sirius’ mouth. Sirius smirked around Severus’ length and took more of the potions master into his mouth, tongue swirling. His fingers played up and down the skin that wasn’t covered, teasing along the underside. He hummed loudly, forcing the vibrations through the cock in his mouth.

“Fuck,” Severus grunted, managing to sound terse even when in the middle of a sex act. Sirius knew by now that was the only warning he was going to get. He pulled off but kept his hand moving, mouth open as he looked up at Severus. Come began to spurt out, dribbling across his lips and chin and cheeks. Sirius’ tongue flicked out and tasted him, tangy and tart. The professor looked down at his schooldays foe with dispassionate eyes and tucked himself away.

“Well,” he said shortly. “I should be returning to the school.” He pulled out his wand and pointed it at Sirius’ face, cleaning him off with a silent Evanesco, though it didn’t remove the taste of him from his mouth.

Sirius nodded and slowly stood, eyes seeking something in Severus’, who kept a wall up at all times. After a long minute, Snape rolled his eyes and turned his head a little, proffering his cheek. “Go on,” he snapped, looking away.

Looking for all the world like a kicked puppy, Sirius leaned in and pressed a kiss to Severus’ cheek, course hairs rubbing against Snape’s smooth jaw. For a moment, Snape relaxed almost imperceptibly beneath the brief contact, then pulled away, eyes flashing. “That’s enough,” he said sharply, stepping back. “Until next week.”

“There’s an Order Meeting on Friday,” Sirius reminded Snape. “Molly will be cooking.”

“All the more reason not to come around,” he retorted. “Good night.” With a swift motion, he snatched and threw a handful of floo powder into the fireplace and stepped in, disappearing back to Hogwarts.
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20th-Mar-2006 05:29 am (UTC)
Looking for all the world like a kicked puppy, Sirius leaned in and pressed a kiss to Severus’ cheek, course hairs rubbing against Snape’s smooth jaw. For a moment, Snape relaxed almost imperceptibly beneath the brief contact, then pulled away, eyes flashing. “That’s enough,” he said sharply, stepping back. “Until next week.”

That? Was my favorite. Dude. Guh. So brilliant. Just that said so much... and I loved the brief tenderness before the wall went back up... dude. It was hot and also told so much background to what had been going on. Eee! Love it.
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